Data Interchange for Geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental Specialists (DIGGS)

DIGGS is a coalition of government agencies, universities and industry partners whose focus is on the creation and maintenance of an international data transfer standard for transportation related data. The coalition came into existence through coordination from the US Federal Highway Administration sponsoring meetings and eventually forming the pooled fund study project. The initial base schema consists of geotechnical data including Borehole, soil testing, site information and more. The first SIG is extending the schema to include Geo-Environmental testing. More SIGs and expanded membership are in the works.

The draft DIGGS standard is available for review and comment. In order to act as a reviewer, you must create an account. You will then have access to download the schema and documentation as well as participate in the online discussion forum. The forums will be monitored and the DIGGS team will answer questions to help in the understanding and implementation of the schema and will be the main point of contact for review comments. The schema will be updated monthly with corrections and additions during the review. Review Forum >

Recent Blog Entries (Full Blog Listing)

Schema v2.0a Released

The Pooled Fund Study has come to a close and DIGGS has released the v2.0a of the Schemas. These are in Alpha status. We are working to find a permanent home and an implementation project to transfer ownership.

Status of Work on DIGGS -- Closure of the Transportation Pooled Fund Project

The Transportation Pooled Fund project TPF-5(111), “Development of Standards for Geotechnical Management Systems,” is in its final month and the current development phase of DIGGS is drawing to a close. In my last email update to the DIGGS team members and partners back in October 2011, I had reported that the project had been temporarily suspended for several months while seeking approval of a no-cost time extension through the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The project resumed in October 2011, and XML/GML schema development resumed under the contract with the University of Florida and Galdos Systems. As this TPF project is now wrapping up and ODOT is executing project close-out procedures, an update to you on development efforts is warranted.